It’s a fact…people do business with people they know, like and trust.  It is time consuming to build relationships in person…and nearly impossible if your ideal client lives in another country!

Ezines are a simple way to stay in touch with your clients and your prospects – without paying huge advertising dollars. By regularly sending an informative and interesting ezine that reflects your branding, you can quickly make a connection and build trust that will ramp up your bottom line.

Creating your ezine does not have to be overwhelming – or expensive!  In EZINE SUCCESS 2.0, I share all the insider secrets that I’ve successfully implemented in my own ezines as well as for many clients.

EZINE SUCCESS 2.0 includes a MP3 audio and accompanying Guidebook.  Plus, you’ll receive the complete audio transcript so you can quickly flip to the section you want to reference.

In this comprehensive program you’ll discover:

  • How ezines can help to exponentially grow your business.
  • The 4 keys to a successful ezine – and you can’t afford to miss even one of them.
  • How to drive traffic to your Web site and build your list.
  • How to create dynamic subject lines that get your messages opened.
  • Easy tips to get fabulous testimonials and how to use them for greater results.
  • Simple rules to get past SPAM filters.
  • How to create an automated system so you don’t have to do the work.
  • Plus, I’m sharing examples and templates of autoresponder messages that you can model so you can get your ezine working quickly.

If you do not have an ezine working for you, you are missing out on thousands of dollars of potential revenue.

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No Risk Guarantee!

  • First, I get EZINE SUCCESS 2.0 in an MP3 audio format.
  • Plus, I get the complete audio transcript for quick reference (PDF download).
  • Also, I’ll receive the EZINE SUCCESS 2.0 Guidebook, which includes samples and templates I can model (PDF download).
  • Finally, I'll receive a free subscription to Copy Matters, the 60-second monthly ezine to help me master my copywriting.

I understand that I'm investing in your "EZINE SUCCESS 2.0" at NO RISK whatsoever, because it comes with a full money back guarantee, which I can request anytime up to an entire YEAR from purchase!

Only $47.00.  Order Now.

“This program taught me how an ezine will attract clients and cause me to be more focused in my own direction.  It has propelled me to initiate my online newsletter and inspired me to take action in an area I’ve avoided because of technological terror.  This is not only a possibility but a wondrous opportunity!”
Pauline Duncan-Thrasher, Communication Excellence

“This program will help me to increase awareness of who I am…and therefore increase my business as it helps to showcase my credibility.”
Colleen O’Brien, Practical Solutions