If you’re an entrepreneur, speaker, healer, coach, or expert of any kind, people want to know your story – the real you behind the persona.  And in marketing, the big question you must answer is “why me.”

What makes me stand out from everyone else providing the same product, service, or program as I offer?

Your answer – and how you share it – is what stimulates emotion to truly set you apart.

Created from my LIVE tele-workshop, you can work at your own pace to unleash the story in you and discover how to craft a magnetic message to immediately connect with your prospects and begin to build relationships without even meeting in person.

Storytelling can be a powerful, evocative way of communicating your message.

Your story conveys to readers – your prospects – what they get when working with you. By creating a high level of emotion in your story they can relate to you and that makes you stand out from everyone else offering what seems like the same services or products.  Through your story, your readers will feel you are the perfect choice to solve their problem.

When you are truly being you – you do not have any competitors.

No one else shares your story.  Many say they have the best service, the best product, on time delivery, etc.  You’ve heard them before – meaningless clichés you can respond to by saying “Well I would hope so.”  We offer great customer service. (Well I would hope so!) Cross out the company name and the words could belong to anyone.

The days of using overused, meaningless statements to share your talents and accomplishments are gone.  Your journey, your personality – your story – is what makes you stand apart.

So what’s your story?

I know…I’ve heard it before: “I don’t have a story.”  Oh but you do and it’s itching to come out.  And your story is the underlying theme to your brand.

Telling your story can be a challenge, after all we’ve been brought up to be modest – never brag or toot your own horn.  But by sharing your passions, your struggles, your accomplishments, you attract more connections and more opportunities. You position yourself as the expert you are.

In Story Works, you’ll see how you can bring your story to life and integrate it with all your offerings.

Audio #1: Unleashing Your Story

The About page on your Web site is where people connect with you – and happens to be the most read page on your site. Your profile matters on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.  Your bio invites relationship – can they trust you? Will they believe in you?

In the first audio, you’ll discover how to:

  • Tap into your inner story.
  • Craft your story to create emotion so others can identify with it.
  • Brand yourself easier and more genuinely because you have a storyline that makes sense.
  • Use various versions of your story – and why it’s vital to do so – because one size does not fit all.

You’ll receive the recorded audio from our LIVE call, the complete transcript, plus the BONUS Story Exploration Cheat Sheet to help you get started so you can unleash your story.

Audio #2: How To Use Your Story To Craft A Magnetic Message

Your story can become the theme, the brand, or identity of all your offerings. During this lesson, you’ll learn how to:

  • Hook readers from the first sentence and keep their interest alive.
  • Keep readers connected to your message so they read to the very end.
  • Use mini stories throughout your content for greater impact.
  • Use stories effectively when you don’t have testimonials.
  • Craft headlines that magnetically attract readers.

Plus, I’ll share the insider secrets most copywriters would rather you don’t know.  You'll receive the audio recording plus transcripts along with these BONUS downloads:

  • My 12 Step Guide to Power Editing
  • Your Marketing Check Up Survey Form

Audio #3: Using Your Story To Build Relationships

Once you’ve made that initial connection, it’s time to begin building the relationship in a natural, easy manner.  In the third audio, you’ll discover:

  • How to build relationships using your ezine so readers eagerly await its arrival.
  • The #1 key to getting your ezine opened…and what most entrepreneurs fail to do.
  • The 2 things prospects are looking for when they read your ads offline or check you out online – and how you can use them to establish trust, showcase your expertise, and create a connection.

BONUS Downloads include:

  • 18 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Web Site Cheat Sheet
  • My Autoresponder Series Template


Previously Recorded Bonus Call: Q & A

You'll receive the MP3 audio download plus transcript of this LIVE Bonus call where I answered participant's questions (and probably many of yours). 

$197.00 plus HST

To recap, you’ll receive:

  • MP3 Audio Recordings from 3 LIVE Tele-calls plus Bonus Q & A call
  • 79-page Story Works Guidebook including transcripts from all four previously recorded calls
  • My Story Exploration Cheat Sheet
  • 12 Step Guide to Power Editing
  • Your Marketing Check Up Survey Form
  • 18 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Web Site Cheat Sheet
  • My Autoresponder Series Template

About Susan Regier…

Acknowledged as a Magnetic Marketing & Mindset Master, Sue helps entrepreneurs around the world market their businesses successfully while creating brand messages that drives sales. As a professional copywriter and marketing strategist, she uncovers the core essence of her clients – that unique piece that sets them apart from others in their industry – and then creates a compelling marketing message for various mediums, including Web sites, media releases, articles, and professional profiles/bios.  Susan coaches other serious and motivated entrepreneurs to create a blueprint for success through her marketing and mindset seminars, mastermind groups, and individual coaching programs.

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