Take the fear out of writing articles with my comprehensive Write Articles to Boost Business home study system.  Discover how to tap into your clients’ hot topics and easily write irresistible articles using my step by step process that will get you free PR, drive traffic to your Web site, get more clients, and make more money.  I’ll even show you how to find publishers that are looking to pay you for your articles.

A couple of years ago I submitted an article to one of the many online content directories explaining how to write a media release.  Within 2 days I was contacted by a reader and asked if I would review his media release.  Of course I said “yes” and responded with ideas to make his release better.  But instead of editing the release himself, he asked me if I would re-write the entire piece.  So by posting one article (no fees involved), I found a new client – or actually, he found me.

Article marketing drives highly targeted traffic to your Web site...and it's free! It's one of the most effective marketing strategies used today. You can quickly and easily build credibility as you become recognized as an expert in your industry.

Article marketing will...

  • Expose your services and expertise to new markets.
  • Attract free publicity for you and your business.
  • Open the door to publicity opportunities from the media.
  • Get optimal results for your marketing efforts, at NO cost.
  • Drive traffic to your Web site.

But slapping words together does not make an interesting article that will generate interest about you and your business. And neither does a long, boring rendition that overwhelms the reader.

Write Articles to Boost Business is a powerful way to learn how to write compelling articles quickly and effectively. Its simple writing formula breaks down the writing process so you can easily write any article.


This Home Study System includes an MP3 audio download, complete transcript, and accompanying Guidebook.  In this Home Study System you’ll discover:

  • How to write and form your articles for maximum profit.
  • A fast writing method that goes beyond creating outlines…you’ll quickly complete a good first draft ready for editing in no time (plus, as a bonus I’ve shared how to take this process and use if for writing books).
  • Why titles can make or break your article – and how you must change them for use online or in print.
  • 5 ways to hook a reader in the first paragraph and keep the interest alive.
  • How to edit your articles like a professional writer with my 12 Steps for Power Editing guide.
  • What a Resource Box is and how it can drive traffic to your Web site.
  • How to avoid the mistakes many amateur writers make when submitting articles.
  • Where to find editors that are looking for your type of articles - and are willing to pay you.

Article Marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your ideal clients – and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny.

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Jordan Stevens, Trebrand, www.trebrand.com 

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