Writing articles and posting them on the various online article marketing directories not only showcases your expertise, it helps to drive traffic to your site – if you do it properly.  Here are 7 keys for a successful online article marketing strategy that won’t cost you a cent:

  1. Write a compelling article with original content that showcases your knowledge and positions you as an expert.
  2. When deciding on content, consider your audience – what information are they searching for?  Include keywords in your title and article to ensure it can be found in an online search.
  3. Never “sell” or “promote” in the body of your article – share great information only.
  4. Be clear and concise – add bulleted lists and subheadings for easier reading.
  5. Keep it short.  Online articles in the 250 to 700 word range have a greater probability of being read than a 1500+ word article.
  6. Use bold and italics sparingly – and only for emphasis.  Excessive use is amateurish and loses impact.
  7. Include a Resource Box at the end, which includes your name, link to Web site, what makes you unique, and a call to action (typically to get your free download from your site or to buy from you).

If you’re wondering where to find these article directories a Google search of “article marketing directories” will turn up a multitude of sites.  My favourites include www.networkingtoday.com, www.evancarmichael.com, and www.selfgrowth.com.

For further information on Article Marketing visit www.WriteArticlesToBoostBusiness.com.

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